September 1, 2019

'Frank is a dynamic character- I could say 'explosive' but that's really just one side of him. He's a talented musician who seems to play any instrument he picks up, he can build a house or fix a car, or fix a house and build a car, which ever seems like the thing to d...

July 20, 2019

As a Floridian and a photographer, I love to get outta town. I live in Gainesville, which is kind of central to everything, but growing up we had a house in Port Saint Joe, so the ocean and the beach is in my heart, and I've got to make my way to some body of salt wate...

I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing....  My last post could have contained a lot more images, and I'm working out a kink with compression that won't be fixed until my next shoot.  Most of you will be reading this on your phones, and probably through a face...

June 4, 2019

I'm Bobby Foxx, and this is orange dog. 

I'm the photographer, editor, manager, social media expert, blogger(apparently), and all around everything man at  This is orange dog. His job is to sleep under my desk as I edit photos, and he's great at that.

I ne...

June 16, 2018

Product photography is expensive, and it should be! It's a lot of work!  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford stellar product shots from a pro, but still, lots of people are creating really cool things that need stellar photos for online representation.  


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