You're a business owner, or maybe you're a marketing director for a large operation. You don't need a sales pitch about the impact that great images can make on your bottom line. You already know that images of your product are your viewer's first impression of the quality your brand has to offer.

Bobby Foxx Photography chooses quality over quantity

I specialize in luxury office goods, and I don't take many clients.  If you're on this page it's because I've reached a point in my business where I know I can devote the appropriate amount of attention to your needs without any loss in quality.  You won't find BBFXX|Commercial advertised anywhere; my goal is target specific, quality brands that I feel would greatly benefit from the work I do. I am looking for just a few long term clients that I can build an excellent working relationship with. I want to know your needs well, and grow as your business continues to grow, continuously offering visual content that drives sales and awareness of your brand.  When you call or email, it'll be me on the other line.

The business I'm looking for:

-Is a mid-size international luxury brand with an extensive online store

-Is struggling to produce images in-house and is ready to hire a professional

-Offers a variety of products and is in constant need of new content monthly

-Prefers to work one-on-one with a photographer who knows and understands their needs

-Understands the impact that these images will have on sales when marketed properly. 

-Prefers to be billed 'per-image' rather than per-use or by percent of sales.

-Is perhaps in need of a complete overhaul of their current content library.

-Wants someone to listen to their needs and get the photos right on the first time, without endless emails or edits.

At this time I am only looking to add one major commercial client to my client list. I really do want to build strong, lasting relationships with just a few specific brands who need images regularly, rather than just a few photos here and there from numerous clients. I believe that working with an exclusive client list is the best way to offer the highest level of quality and make the most impact on my client's sales and brand image.  Reach out if you think we're a good match.

My rate is $50 per image for seamless white background shots, and $75 per image for flat tops.