Special Effects Photography

These are some seriously cool projects.  Some take balance, some take patience and skill.  Some just require magic.  Did the man of your dreams just pop the question you feel like you're floating on air?  Let's express that in your engagement photos!

The possibilities are endless.  Let's explore them together.



This service includes:

-1.5 hour on site photo session with Bobby Foxx

-State of the art photo editing with industry standard software

-Ten digital prints, proccessed and ready for posting online 

-Professional printing is also offered, but not included.



For each additional image you would like processed


For each additional hour at the shoot.

I will always make exceptional discounts for students and those

who are truly without a means to pay full price.


It never hurts to ask!

I am a massive supporter of the arts here in Gainesville.  

If you're an artist or entrepreneur of any kind I want to help. I'm cutting major deals as I build my portfolio.