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Eurovan How-To with Anne and Scott



Fire Extinguisher- 

Located behind the passenger seat


Checking Levels-

You can check HOLDING TANK, FRESH WATER, GAS, and BATTERY CONDITION using a panel located in the kitchen to the left of the stove.  A button must be pushed in order for the levels to be shown. 

Do not fill the gas yourself. You take it to a place to have it done. Ace hardware, camping places, etc.


Carbon Monoxide Detector- 

Takes a 9v battery. You probably won’t have to deal with it.


Mechanical Stuff

Filling gas tank - 

Holds approximately 16 gallons of  regular unleaded gas

You must fill it very slowly because the pump turn off valve will shut off pumping as though it’s full, BUT IT’S NOT!  Keep pumping in short spurts until full.



In order for the propane to work, the van must be fairly level. It’s also better for sleeping!

The leveling blocks are in the back, behind the potty in a black bag with the Sahara logo.

The level is in the kitchen drawer.  Place this on the kitchen floor to determin which tire requires leveling.

Place the orange level under the tire or tires that need to be adjusted.

Back the van up about a foot until tires are lifted

For even higher adjustment, place black mat on orange wedge with black  wedge on top



Find a concrete pad to park on


Creature Comforts


Camping without access to electricity_________________

(Propane must be set up for most functions)


The cover for the propane valve is on the outside, on the driver’s side, midway back. It has a black cover which must be removed to access.

Propane is the valve on the left. Turn this ON

The center valve is only used for filling the propane



This will also run on 110 volt power if you are able to plug in.  See below for how to setup)

Turning it ON: Push the flame button then turn a button on the left clockwise to start position and hold that  button down until the green light on the right stays ON.

Turning  it OFF: Turn start button counter clockwise and push the off button, and on the outside of the van, close the propane valve and replace the cover

Fridge takes about 3 hours to get cold.



Lift the large cover in the kitchen(see video).

Release latch on the burners. 

Lift metal splash guard and clip top to toggle located above the stove on the wall near the roof

Open and place an additional splash guard on the right. This protects the back of the driver’s seat.

Light the stove by turning knobs on the right side of the stove. 

A lighter to light the stove is located in a drawer to the left.



Turn on thermostat and set the temperature. Easy peasy!


Setting up with access to Electricity

Extension cord is located in the trunk cubby under the bed, on the right-hand side. It is black. It plugs into the campsite socket and the driver’s side plug. This plug has a gray square cover.


Using the refrigerator when camping with an Electrical Hookup

After hooking up to 110v power, you must push a certain button. The button has an electrical plug icon on it. It is located below the burners in the kitchenette. 

Turn the knob to the left of the button to adjust temperature. 


Turning off the power

To turn off electrical, you can unplug on the outside, or push a button with a stopsign on it located by the gas and electric buttons(located below the burners)




How to use the shower

At the back of the van on the left is a handheld faucet. You must turn on the switch right above it to turn on the pump. 


How to use the sink faucet

Just turn it on! You got this!


How to fill

Located near the shower faucet in the trunk is a rectangular beige cover. A hose located in a cubby under the bed on the right contains a white hose that can be hooked up to any outdoor clean water source with a hose fitting. 

To see if the reservoir is full, go into the kitchen and check the panel above the refrigerator. You must toggle a switch on the left side of panel in order for the panel to show levels(including gas and battery). See more in the Safety section. 


How to drain

Located on the driver’s side poking out from under the vehicle is a black panel which must be removed.

The extension hose for emptying the gray water reservoir is located in the same compartment as the intake hose. This hose is BLACK. (Robert’s note: you can use castile soap like Dr Bronners or another brand called Camp Suds if you plan on dumping this on the ground)


Van Stuff


Raising the roof-

Release the safety buckle

Release safety latches

Shove it up. It will stay up on its own

Unzip the windows if you want to!


Closing the roof-

Zip up the windows

Pull down on the handles, but not all the way- don’t clip it yet. First inspect all around the outside to make sure the cloth is not sticking out. Also be sure that the cloth is not obstructing the clips.

Pull down until you hear a click

Attach the safety buckle


Opening the lower bed

Pull white latch forward

Pull black latch up and forward

(to close, simply reverse steps)

Sweet dreams!


Pull down blinds on side windows, easy

Curtains on the back window slide tenderly across. Be gentle.

Curtains for the front are stored in the back closet and attached with velcro.

Velcro is located under the sun visors.


How to set up table or tables

Two tables are stored behind the driver’s seat

You must pull the driver’s seat forward to access them.

They clip to the plastic rim on the kitchen counter. 

Leg extends.


Potty time

It’s stored in the back

There is a BLUE carpet stored in the back which it is meant to be placed on when in use, indoors or outdoors.

To use the potty, it must FIRST be filled with a couple ounces of concentrated portapotty ‘juice’(as dad calls it), then an undisclosed amount of water.  I am waiting for more information on this. Just don’t go and poop or pee in it without first filling it with the deodorizer concentrate and some water. The fill cap is on the top on the right if you are looking into to bowl

Do your business. Ah, that’s better!

To flush, pull the lever located under the seat OUT.

To empty, you must take the bottom part off. There is a button or lever somewhere.


Find yourself in nature

Be safe

Have fun!

And send us photos!

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