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from $3200 to $10,500
With 21 years experience in photography, five years of commercial work the bridal industry, and a sixth sense for my client's needs, I offer a range of packages including fine art portraiture on site, full service video, and a studio grade photo booth option.  Your images will be stunning, your video will evoke emotion, and most importantly my approach allows you to be present, to participate in your life as it happens.. I understand the importance of living in the moment, especially on a day as important as your wedding. My job is to capture those moments while allowing you to simply live them.  I also believe in building a solid relationship with my clients, and for this reason I include an engagement session with every package, even if the couple has already done one.  I want you know me, and I want to know you, appreciate you.  This is how I'm able to capture your uniqueness and singular beauty, and put it into an album.
from $320
I have spent years developing my aesthetic, searching for it within and without. I studied the great masters of the Dutch golden age, explored rococo for a short time, but ultimately found that my greatest inspiration would be drawn from Neoclassical and Pre-Raphaelite works. My approach to portraiture is this: We set out on a journey together with a destination in mind. We don't know what we'll find there, but we know where we're going.  This is how art is shaped. Nothing which exists in our minds can truly be realized/actualized; we can only hope to create some beautiful expression of it that others can see.
Bookings for 2021 are available
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