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Services and Guidlines

Booking and Deposits

In order to reserve your date a 50% deposit is required.  The deposit must be paid before any services are rendered. Here is a step by step breakdown of how payments are processed and how services are rendered:

First contact with client- this is the beginning of our transaction.  It's very nice to meet you!  This is when we'll talk about what you're looking for and how I can help. We'll talk about locations, bounce some ideas, and figure out exactly how to make this the best photoshoot ever! We may even have a date for your photoshoot in mind at this point.

Pay deposit book your date-  At this point we know what we're doing and we know when we're doing it.  In order to book your date I take a 50% deposit for projected services, then I mark your date on my calendar with permanent marker so that no one else is allowed to book during our time together! I'll send you a receipt stating what services I owe you and what your projected remaining balance will be. This also acts as a contract between the two of us! This step should happen at least a week before your shoot.

The photoshoot itself-  This is the fun part! You're looking great, the sun is exactly where we want it to be for perfect, even lighting. It's gonna be a walk in the park! I'll begin working on editing your photos as soon as I can, but I do ask three weeks for processing. It may not take that long, but three weeks is what I ask every client. The more time I take the better they're going to turn out! I might send you a sneak peek or two!

Final watermarked product is received-  You'll receive watermarked images with my company logo on them.  You are welcome to use these for social media. You'll choose the photos you'd like to keep, and I'll send those specific photos back without watermarks after your final payment is processed.  If you'd like additional photos I charge $10 per photo after the limit for your package is reached.



Rush services

I ask that any service be booked at least one week in advance. Sometimes things come up though, so i do offer rush services for a price.

A 20% gratuity will be added to the client's final bill if the client wishes to book a shoot same day.

A 10% gratuity will be added to the client's final bill if the client wishes to book same week(seven calendar days)

Editing takes time. A lot of time. Six weeks for any job to be precise. You may get your photos earlier than that depending how how many jobs I have lined up at the time, but six weeks is what I tell my clients. If you want to skip the line you may have to pay a premium.

A 20% gratuity will be added to the client's final bill for any same week editing requests.

A 50% gratuity will be added to the client's final bill for any same day editing requests. 

Travel expenses

Any travel within Alachua county will be covered in the photographer. Any travel outside alachua county will be covered by the client.  A $30 travel fee plus $0.30 per mile will be added on to the final statement and paid in full before the final product is sent.

Additional fees

admission into parks

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