Why choose Bobby Foxx Photography?That's the question now isn't it? Besides having an adorable dog I'm also a great photographer, hence the awesome selfie---> I'm constantly expanding my repertoire and I firmly believe that there's nothing I can't do without a little planning and research. I'm fascinated with photography; it lights me up. It's an incredibly versatile and useful medium, especially in our day in age, when so much of what we experience takes place on a screen. I'm a visual storyteller, and I want to tell your story.

Flexible packages I want to be everyone's photographer, so I offer a wide range of packages with services that can be added or subtracted to suite your specific needs.  Some  packages are quite affordable and others spare no expense. I work with my clients to build customized packages which include the amenities they desire without breaking the bank. 

Excellent Quality I've had published work in Home Magazine, I've done commercial work for Audi(totes amazing), I'm starting to lose track of how many weddings I've photographed(weddings are my jam), and hey, you're here on my site, so check out my portfolios while you're here! I think you're gonna like it.

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