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Welcome to my blog!

I'm Bobby Foxx, and this is orange dog.

I'm the photographer, editor, manager, social media expert, blogger(apparently), and all around everything man at This is orange dog. His job is to sleep under my desk as I edit photos, and he's great at that.

I never thought I’d be a wedding photographer, but somehow I ended up here, doing something I absolutely love. Every day is an exploration, and the places I go and the people I meet fill my life with purpose and wonder.

I travel quite a bit, usually once a month, maybe twice, to places throughout a state I love. There's more to the experience than what goes into my wedding albums. It's the midnight drives along the coast, nights spent sleeping in old Floridian motels, the parks I visit on my time off and the wildlife I see there. Flying down the highway to the next shoot with a pub sub in the passenger seat and a half gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice in my left hand. I'm a Florida boy for sure, and I go on some wild adventures.

Last month I was in Vero Beach shooting a wedding for an incredible couple. The wedding took place at an airplane hangar- there was an airplane send off, fireworks, and lasers at the reception. Lasers!

The wedding before that was a bit more of a hometown wedding at a venue I’ve wanted to shoot for a while, the Thomas Center, which is an interesting old building that used to be a private mansion, and before that it was an orange grove. The theme was Floridiana, so of course I felt completely at home with that, and I always make friends at the weddings I shoot.

And before that I was shooting a wedding which was a sort of Celtic/Gothic event with swords and a sort of seance motif. The bride and bridesmaids wore black and tattooed their skin with henna. It was absolutely beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Very magical and dark. Mysterious and humming with feminine energy.

Each wedding I shoot is a reflection of the couple, and I love that uniqueness; the creative ideas and choices and themes. It's not always necessarily so straight-forward either, or even planned. There's just something magical that happens when a bunch of people who vibe on one another get together to celebrate the coming together of two people they care deeply about. I get to document these details and interactions, and it's a very cool job.

I'll add more about these weddings in future posts. Subscribe to my blog to see more!

So each of these weddings is different, but the underlying message is the same: a coming together, a celebration of love, and family. I feel my way into the weddings I shoot, especially when I edit them. More than once I’ve been moved to tears while crouched over my computer, sorting, editing, and re-editing(orange dog is always there for emotional support). All of these love stories take place here in Florida, so we have that in common as well. I do love me some Florida, and if you do too you’ll probably like this blog

So I get to shoot cool weddings, I get to meet cool people; not just meet them but to truly know them and their families, and to become close to them very quickly in order to capture something sacred and special. My job is an interpersonal exploration as much as an artistic one.

Life's a grand adventure, and think I should share it someplace, so this is it. These are the adventures of the illustrious Bobby Foxx, Floridian wedding photographer extraordinaire. Subscribe and Enjoy.

Very Best,

Bobby Foxx

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