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Backyard weddings for the win! Intimate? Yes. Extravagant? YES! Over the top? NEVER! This back yard wedding was everything. Catered by (?), MC'd by none other than DJ Robzilla the SuperDuck himself, organized and planned by Succulent Events of Orlando, and of course, photo/video coverage by Grey Fox, joined once again by Maxim Moritz(who killed it on the portraits, again).

This was a tough one... but really in the end they got the best of both worlds, or should I say best of three events? Yes, this was their third wedding. Between a Covid-19 Zoom-style ceremony, a family gathering in the mountains of Georgia, and this, a backyard celebration of love(really just a great excuse for a fantastic party!). Enjoy!


It's crazy.... the process of creating albums like this is just absolutely wild. I go on an on about it on this site, but every time I'm astonished. It's this process of discovery where you collect everything you can for months or in this case years, and you try to learn and understand and appreciate it and then put all the pieces together and then you're absolutely mind blown by what comes from it.

So I'm looking back into a nearly two decades long friendship as I create this album for two beautiful people I love and admire. It's just such a great story and I'm so glad I get to tell it. And I'm so glad they have eachother.

It's a Florida love story, yes, but such a Gainesville, Florida love story. Thunderstruck by love on the beach, tea spilt at the Dime, yaaaas I liiiiive! But what I love most about this story is that it's a happy one and it belongs to two dear friends.

I don't want to spoil the fun!! Watch the video!

Maxim Moritz covered photo while I covered video. I almost never get to focus fully on video, so this was a treat. Thanks Maxim! You rock!

This cast of characters is what I would would mainly 'oldschool Gainesvillains'. We've been around a long time, some of us have gone away and are visiting, others have stayed, we all know each other or at the very least know of each other, and we're all quite interesting people; part of the local legend. We know the same stories, we've been to the same parties, we've seen the worst and the best times. We remember many seasons and colors of this town, and we have each have a particular fashion.

You two are absolutely surrounded by love and appreciation. It's your love of live, art, expression, the good in the world. We all know how hard you've been working, and we're just so glad you have each other. I know I am, anyway.

I could say, 'Good luck in the next chapter!', but I feel like your life book is more like a series of Haikus and monologues, just pages upon pages, each on a different subject. Keep the light alive, remain always in wonder, ever inspired and curious. I love you both(so very much).