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A&S | Where the Sea Meets the Sky

A&S were young and adventurous lovers. You wouldn't know if from their sharp and stunning outfits in these photos, but they were RV glamping at Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park near Jacksonville during our session.

I arrived in the area a bit early, and stopped on the side of the road to photograph some birds- i just couldn't help myself, and I felt like these images belonged in their album. They represented part of the space where the session took place: the wetlands, the birds, Florida in its truest form.

I got there in the afternoon, with overhead sun too harsh for the beach- we roamed around the part, exploring, and when it neared sunset we rushed out to the beach for some killer photos. I absolutely love this summer dress that A chose.... It worked so beautifully with the color of the sky, and that movement!! We had some fun with that dress!! This is a fantastic example of how to choose the right colors for a shoot. Gurl, you NAILED IT! Yaaas!

The very best parts of this album are closer to sunset. The light was just perfect, and the beach, the sea oats... I include full albums in these posts so that you can see just how many photos I deliver and what to expect. All in all, I think the album captures two sides of this couple, young adventurers who aren't afraid to visit the beach in semi-formal attire.

A&S- You two are just so sweet- I had so much fun working with you two, exploring the park, and capturing these moments. I treasure the book you sent me with these photos. Albums like these, from the early days, these the ones that convinced me to dive deeper into wedding photography-