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April 2021 | Gainesville Circus Center Student Showcase

"Circus arts have the power to build strength on physical, emotional and mental levels; and to promote cross-cultural and inter-generational collaboration. Gainesville Circus Center is dedicated to teaching circus arts to anyone willing and interested in learning for the purpose of bettering their physical, mental, social and spiritual self"

Without the arts we are simply surviving. The work that Gainesville Circus Center does is not only inspirational; it's crucial to our community. We need spaces like these, spaces that introduce people- not just kids, but anyone- to the performing arts. The value in these experiences lasts a lifetime, especially in young people, but also in adults. Connecting and reconnecting physically, learning to express emotion, to tell a story with movement. Through these experiences we learn to appreciate art because we've lived it. We know it.

It's language; a language we all speak- across cultures, across time. It's built into us. We were meant to move.

Many of my greatest heroes in photography have or have had the performing arts tied inextricably to their work. I'm so thankful for this new connection with GCC, and I can't wait to see where this work takes us. It truly is an honor to be part of these experiences, to witness such a profound connection to art. It feels like home.

To all the students, parents, supporters, and of course Corey:

Thank you for being a part of the performing arts, for supporting and understanding the magic that exists in these spaces. Thank you for knowing the importance of moment and expression, and for passing this appreciation on to others. The world is a more beautiful, meaningful place because of people like you: the ones who are connected to a muse, and the ones who see that in others. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this.

We have plans for new lighting setups in the future which will improve image quality and production value, and next time around we may have a second photographer on site to help capture every moment and additional angles. Prints from this album will soon be available. Email for more information.

You can share your favorite images on social media by clicking the arrow icon on the image. Give it a try!

Bobby Foxx is an interdisciplinary photographer based out of Gainesville, Florida, operating in a diverse range of modes within visual media production and fine art photography.

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