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B&K | Rain is Beautiful

Can you imagine? Rain on your wedding day? Yes, imagine it. A cloudy day on the verge of downpour, the perfectly diffused light filtering through the clouds, the rain itself providing a textural element to the images in your album, but most of all, it's a wonderful addition to your story.

It was absolutely perfect.

The wedding took place in Alachua, Florida, at an AirBnB, ranch style, you know? If you read my previous post you'll know that B&K spent some time apart. K is Albanian, and I'd say B&K are a very worldly couple, as were their bridal party and their guests. The venue had a large wraparound porch, a beautiful magnolia tree in the front yard, with a big white tent, string lights. It was a Floridian farmhouse wedding by all means, attended by interesting and worldly individuals. The bridal party was particularly fun to work with. We had a blast.

It didn't really rain until just before the first look. The first few drops came just as we were doing the bridesmaids formals. I looooove the action shots where they're running back to the house, but B stayed, a brave Florida bride. Unafraid of the rain, and dedicated to getting those shots. I was too.

So, yeah, don't be afraid of rain on your wedding day. Plan ahead, pick up a cute, stylish umbrella and bring it along, but if it rains, it rains. Embrace it! They say it's lucky, after all.

If you're thinking about hiring Grey Fox for your wedding, this is what you get: absolutely massive albums with tons of magic throughout. They're your memories, your experiences, and as your photographer I want to share as many I can with you, in stunning color and emotion.

Grey Fox | Bridal Photography Studio is a Bobby Foxx Photography brand located in Gainesville, Florida. We photograph love all across the state offering wedding photography, elopement photography, and engagement photography in places like Saint Augustine, Key West, and Saint Petersburg but we're open to traveling even further. We are wedding photographers who believe in human connection and the craft of photography as a platform for emotional transportation. We're an inclusive, LGBTQ owned business- whoever you are, we're going to love your love and we can't wait to meet you.

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