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B&K | Together is Better

B&K spent a year apart, living in different countries, and within a week of reuniting we shot their engagement session. That intensity and release of longing comes through in their photos, in both the engagement session and the wedding album.

I had so much fun working with these two- they were absolutely transfixed on one another throughout the engagement session. I played tour guide, and they took it from there.

Working with these two made me think, "How can I help other couples get into this headspace?" In our relationships, we get into our regular day-to day interaction with one another: what bills are coming up, what goals are we working towards- you know, the serious stuff. But these two had been apart for so long, maybe that's what allowed them to set all that aside and just enjoy an afternoon being together. I think that's a beautiful space to find yourself in, with the person you love. I've been working on ways get my couples into that 'us' space. Haven't got a name for it yet!

This engagment session took place at The Historic Thomas Center and The La Chua Sink in Gainesville, Florida.

Thanks again you two! I know, one blog post wasn't enough. Had to add this engagement session to the new site. Love you two! Love your love! xoxo

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