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Backyard Weddings&Engagements

It's not about the venue, or the dress, or the something borrowed or blue... those things are fun, memorable; wonderful details, and so much fun to photograph! But, no, it's about two people(usually), their love, a celebration of their story.

As photographers, we want to show off our most impressive work to clients: Multi-million dollar venues in exotic locations, massive guest lists that suggest massive budgets... in hopes that we'll get more of that type of client. I have a good number of those weddings, and I've had a BLAST at each of them, but this post isn't about those weddings. Do check out the rest of my blog if you want to see THAT.

But with Covid-19, things have temporarily changed. There are still weddings, but they've been distilled down to the core of what a wedding really is, or is to the couple. Down to the basics: Two people, some rings, an officiant, perhaps a cake. You define your own love. That's all you need. Oh! And place to do it! Why not right here in the back yard?

So, to celebrate this spirit, I've put together these collections of images fro backyard weddings and engagements I've shot recently and over the years. Some take place in the back yard for the sake of social distancing, others just because 'there's no place like home'.

And I may be a bit partial to these kinds of weddings. My parent's wedding took place in a back yard... I just think it's a wonderful way to capture a place in time. When I create these albums, I'm really making them for your future selves, maybe for your kids. The message here is, 'this what it was like'. It's real, it's honest, and I think you'll see what I mean in these short collections.


A vow renewal, friends, family, kombucha, camelias...


Two good friends, one a photographer as well. They had booked me for a backyard reception to take place after their elopement, but...

They simply couldn't wait.

So we threw up some lights, family sent a cake and flowers, Emi made herself a dress. How very personal. How very THEM. Family watched via zoom, and the cats witnessed the affair from the porch. Marvelous.


All the parks were closed, all public spaces off limits due to Covid-19, but I think these two would have chosen this backyard location on the family property regardless of what's going on in the world. It's special to them.


A backyard reception, one of my first weddings. He painted the fence white and built that succulent garden. So romantic.

So maybe your big plans went down the drain with Covid-19. Maybe your venue cancelled, or you called it off for the sake of keeping your loved ones healthy and safe. The big guest list, the big venue, all that's not possible at the moment, or maybe that was never in the budget anyway. It's not about those things. It's about YOU TWO! Make it something special, make it YOU. Incorporate as much of that magic into your day; your celebration of your love.

Stay safe friends.


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