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My premier wedding package, which includes video, is 50% off for the next three clients. It includes three photographers, videography, a massive album, high end editorial style images worthy of a magazine cover, as well as a rummage album with over 1000 photos. And of course, a video.

I love the work I did at Jahnava&Scott's wedding, and I think I can do a lot more with some backup photographers. I want to focus on creating video and a few very high quality images, while my team covers all those precious moments as they happen. I've put together this package with a new concept in mind. It's a combination of quality and quantity because I do believe that both are important in wedding photography.

At this wedding I did it all. All the stills, the high end editorial shots, and the video. And on a very tight budget, and while it turned out pretty great, I know I can do better. My goal, as an artist, is to always create something better, to always learn something. I'm offering this discount so that I can create these albums and these videos with the kind of quality I'm aiming for. Lucky for you, it's a $3200 savings until I bring my skill to the point where I feel I can charge full price for this package. WHooT!

These packages absolutely will not last. Do reach out!

Check out to see all the packages I offer

Check out for the new and old examples of my work.


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