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Beginner Photography Class with Bobby Foxx!

***This is a beginner class! Learn to use your camera and understand the fundamentals of Lightroom and Photoshop***

In this class you'll learn to set up the perfect exposure and edit your photos using industry standard software.

This will be a two part class, each segment lasting four hours.

In the first segment we'll familiarize you with your camera. You'll learn to shoot manual, and gain an understanding of the relationship between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. The subject matter we'll be focusing on will be textures, and for most of the class we'll be shooting, capturing raw images to process in segment 2.

In the second segment we'll dive into Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and begin to explore the software. We'll cover basic color corrections in Lightroom and briefly dip in to Photoshop so you gain an understanding of how these programs work together.

The Goal of This Class

Photography can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner, but once you understand the basics and begin to speak the language, you're suddenly able to learn quite a lot on your own. All of the information is out there, but you've got to get to a point where you know what questions to ask. We're going to create some very cool art in this class, but what's more important is the knowledge you'll take away from it. I'll continue to be a resource long after the class has finished, and you'll have a better understanding of your equipment and the software to carry you forward.

Meet your Instructor

I'm Bobby! I've started my journey in photography at a young age, took several black and white film classes as a youngster. I studied Studio Art at Santa Fe, and focused on metalworking and jewelry design. This brought me to do some very cool things in fashion, and I started teaching metalworking classes around Gainesville in 2016. I was producing a lot of work, and I needed photos of that work for my website and editorials, so I took up digital photography, took a class, and have been working in photography ever since. I am no longer doing jewelry, just photography, and most of my work is in weddings and commercial photography, although the services I offer go far beyond. To see my work, visit

Where and When?

Classes will be held at Repurpose Project, and we'll also visit Satchel's Pizza, possibly for lunch! Both of these locations offer a fantastic variety of textures for us to photograph. We're looking for unique patterns to isolate within our frame.

Exact dates and times will be determined by the attendees' availability. Upon signing up for the class you'll be invited to a Facebook group where we will discuss scheduling. If schedules are tight, we might do both segments in one day, but I'd prefer to split the segments between days.

Classes will be scheduled between Jan 15th and February 15th.

If you can't make it to this class, don't worry! I'll be teaching Expert classes in late February early March, each focusing on a new Expert Photography Challenge. Follow for updates, or subscribe to this blog for full access to information about all upcoming classes.

To sign up, call or text 352.222.8670 or email

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