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I've gotten a little crazy with engagement sessions recently. Actually, I've been going overboard with all my shoots. Maybe it's that we're coming out of Covid and it's been a while since I've had shoots back to back, or maybe I'm just a better editor than ever before. I work on a pretty proficient computer- it's never had problems with uploading images or storage before, but now that I'm creating these massive albums and publishing them I'm waiting hours upon hours for exports and uploads, and my website does NOT like to host this many images on one post, but it's what I want to do, so I'll find a way. | Things are nuts right now!! Shoots back to back, others rescheduling, and I've just moved into my first brick and mortar photography studio. Lots of exciting things happening, and in between the crazy I've been chipping away at this engagement session- one of my favorites to date. I hope you love it as much as I do.

These two found me through a mutual friend. I don't know how to elevate my business beyond word of mouth- I am slowly coming to accept that I survive off of it and that's just how it is, it's how my people find me. A, thank you so much for connecting us. Not only for supporting my business but for bringing these two amazing, beautiful humans into my life.

We had a few calls, a zoom meeting, and we clicked. I wanted to connect, not just as a client/photographer but wanted to actually KNOW them for them to know me. This connection, however it began, has begun to blossom into a beautiful friendship of appreciation and understanding. This album is a product of that connection, that friendship, that understanding. These aren't just the photos that 'the photographer' took, they're the photos Bobby sent. A real person with emotional investment in YOU created this album out of LOVE. And I've spent a couple weeks creating it too, thinking of you, pouring intention and meaning and appreciation into these frames.

I'm getting emotional and we're not even at the wedding yet- UGH I'm going to be sobbbbbbing at the wedding. yikes

It was hot day in Ybor, but we persevered. The classic cars, the eclectic bars, the chickens. Stopped in an icecream shop to cool down for a bit and after a while we hopped in the car and started our search for a fountain, but to no avail. We could not find the fountain. It dawned on me that I'd been here before doing some night photography on the river- I remembered spiral pillars on a very unique building which turned out to be the Henry B Plant Museum. We went there, got some shots on the water and beneath those pillars, and went to lunch. We'd earned it. I really can't explain just how hot it was. We were MELTING!! But we PERSEVERED!! And I think we managed to get some great shots in spite of the heat.

Afterwards, we drove to to Honeymoon Island, about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. There's a nice wooded area there with palmettos and tall pine trees, and so, so many osprey nests high up in their branches. We Spotted a few as we made our way through the forest, stopping here and there. I think there's something about plants and humans.... We open up in nature. It's beautiful.

And when the sun got a bit closer to the horizon we made our way out to the beach. WHAT. A. DAY! We really did it all.

If you're seeing this for the first time, SCROLL NO FURTHER!! This slideshow is part of the experience. Set aside some time together, curl up on the couch or your favorite comfy spot, uncork a bottle of wine, light some candles. Make it a thing!

I have to severely compress these images in order to fit them on the website. If you want to see a less compressed version, follow this link to dropbox