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E&N | The Best of Key West pt.I

Apparently we took too many photos. My website builder won't let me save this many images in one post, soooo I guess we'll have a 'part II'! This post includes getting ready and the formals session, and a few photos I took while I was on my way down from Gainesville and back. I just can't help myself but pull over...

Bridesmaid's Formals- Bobby

Bridal Party's Formals, the 'Fun Shot'- Bobby

I met these two at another wedding I'm definitely going post later on. I think they'd just met each other recently, or maybe not. I noticed that they were, like, magnetic, you know? And I remember asking them how long they'd been together, to which N. replied, 'Oh, we just met here, she's pretty cool, right?'. I'm pretty sure he was be facetious, but ya never know...

They decided to do one of my team packages because more photos is more photos. And jeeez did we send a ton. I reached out to Maxim to be my second shooter, and it. turned out his birthday was the day before the wedding, but he was IN. I chose Maxim for our contrasting styles. I prefer sharp realism when I can get it, and the portraits he takes on his antique lenses are just dreamy and full of soul. He's also fun to be around!

So we set out on this grand adventure down to the keys, separate cars and separate routes, but we met on Ramrod at little dive motel, the cheapest we could find. We shot long exposures under the stars by half dug canal the locals use as a swimming hole, lobsters(safely out of season) crawling through the dark, clear water. It was a pretty magical moment. His girlfriend(now wife!), Stormie, held down the fort while we twerqed.

Here are some photos from the grand adventure of getting there and back. I love shooting weddings outside Gainesville because I get to see things like this and photograph them.

Wedding Day | Getting Ready

Getting ready took place at Papa's Hideaway, a vacation rental on the south side of the island. It's a beautiful space for a getting ready segment, with lush tropical foliage, a pool, and guest house to accommodate a full bridal party. The midday sun shot through the leaves in speckled patters all around, providing shapes in the shadows and beautifully diffused light from the brightly painted structures. It was a nice place to photograph.

Guys getting ready usually looks a lot like moving chairs around and drinking. After most of the things that needed to get done got done, I sent Maxim off with the guys to do thier formals in a nearby park. I got to hang with the girls. I love the way the light comes through these antique windows, the whole scene. E chose a beautiful dress: sheer, off-white with lace, a train, but not an unmanageable one. Elegant and bohemian, perfect for this wedding. Gorgeous.

What's more, E made these adorable take-home succulent jars table arrangements. She's a plant girl. A botanical babe. She operates a nursery growing the coolest plants(and I may or may not have just ordered one and expecting it in the mail tomorrow and I'm so frikken stoked omgggg)

I wish you could see it in at least one of these images, but I brought along my largest light modifier, a 60 inch umbrella with a white bag. It's great for fine art portraiture and large groups. I loved working with this group just as much I loved working with the last keys bridal party. I don't know if it's being that close to the sun that makes you crazy fun or maybe it's the water, I don't know, but this crew knows how to party!

This wedding was an adventure for me and Maxim. I wonder if I should talk more about these experiences I have getting to and from weddings, the places I end up on the way. Let me know what. you want to hear about!

That's a ton of images, right? Scoot over to part two to see the rest.

If you're thinking about hiring Grey Fox for your wedding, this is what you get: absolutely massive albums with tons of magic throughout. They're your memories, your experiences, and as your photographer I want to share as many I can with you, in stunning color and emotion.

Grey Fox | Bridal Photography Studio is a Bobby Foxx Photography brand located in Gainesville, Florida. We photograph love all across the state offering wedding photography, elopement photography, and engagement photography in places like Saint Augustine, Key West, and Saint Petersburg but we're open to traveling even further. We are wedding photographers who believe in human connection and the craft of photography as a platform for emotional transportation. We're an inclusive, LGBTQ owned business- whoever you are, we're going to love your love and we can't wait to meet you.

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