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E&N | The Best of Key West pt.II

If you haven't read part one, definitely go check out this gorgeous getting ready segment. My website building just couldn't process the shear volume of images we sent with this package, so here's part two!

First Flight is brewery/restaurant on Whitehead Street, Key West. It's walking distance from the getting ready location. The bridal party walked down Whitehead, pretty much all the way across the island(which isn't as far as it sounds). I'd sent Maxim ahead to unload the photo booth and check in with the venue.

It's a great spot, delicious food, local beer and mixed drinks at lovely bar. The brewery itself wraps around a large brick patio with string lights, golden pothos climbs the trees and year round orchids thrive on the same trunks.

The arch was a contemporary triangle shape- I love structural/geometrical arches. We needed space for the formals session, so we took to the streets and shot directly in front of the venue, then walked over to this massive gate across the street to focus on the couple. There were so many beautiful areas to photograph.

The ceremony was lovely- they literally tied the knot, and at some point were visited by some roaming chickens, which isn't unusual for Key West. "The Mermaid and Fisherman" seems to have been a theme, and it makes sense. There's something magical and romantic, and certainly Floridian about these two.

N&E, thank you so much for letting us be a part of this adventure. You two are such good people, and that energy you project has gathered this wonderful group that love you so much. It was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you!

If you're thinking about hiring Grey Fox for your wedding, this is what you get: absolutely massive albums, every moment, tons of magic throughout. They're your memories, your experiences, and as your photographer I want to share as many I can with you, in stunning color and emotion.

Grey Fox | Bridal Photography Studio is a Bobby Foxx Photography brand located in Gainesville, Florida. We photograph love all across the state offering wedding photography, elopement photography, and engagement photography in places like Saint Augustine, Key West, and Saint Petersburg but we're open to traveling even further. We are wedding photographers who believe in human connection and the craft of photography as a platform for emotional transportation. We're an inclusive, LGBTQ owned business- whoever you are, we're going to love your love and we can't wait to meet you.

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