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Photobiographica: Frank Kolosky

'Frank is a dynamic character- I could say 'explosive' but that's really just one side of him. He's a talented musician who seems to play any instrument he picks up, he can build a house or fix a car, or fix a house and build a car, which ever seems like the thing to do. He's a very unique and admirable individual. I think you'll get an idea from the photos.'

I'd been dreaming about this shoot for some time, was kind of lost in my art, between weddings and commercial photo gigs. I felt like the work I was doing lacked meaning in a broader sense. There was a piece missing; I wanted to create work that could make a different kind of impact. I reached out to a photojournalist that I'd met through one of my bridal clients, grasping for an idea, looking for the next step. From our conversation I decided that maybe the answer was people's stories, nothing for money, but just purely for sake of art, or for expressing something, discovering it, exploring it, documenting, collecting pieces of people. In this case it turned out to be an explosive, introspective, old friend. I just shot him a message on Facebook and we did the shoot a couple hours later, totally unplanned. We just met up on 441, hung out on the highway, and got a bit crazy with the special effects shots in the end. It was fun.

Frank seems to be rediscovering himself, or maybe his vision is just becoming clear, I don't know. There's been a shift of clarity for him in his work and I can see that. He's following something very, very good. I can see him blooming as an artist now, absolutely focused, hard working as ever. His imagination is flammable; the slightest spark might set off a chain reaction. People see that kind of energy, they're attracted to it, it's exciting.

His current project is Renaissance Funk. It's just him, a one man band, and he can do that because he plays almost everything. A true renaissance man. I can imagine him hammering out these auditory creations late into the night, no distractions, just him and the music, his thoughts and the sounds becoming, realizing, materializing. The message in his music is so very real. There's a type of hard-core uplifting positivity in his music, and a certain Frank-style honesty about the world we live in. It's something that needs to be said, heard, and the music is just a road for that message to ride on. It's good stuff.

Video coming soon! Website, social media links, all the good stuff, very soon! For now, check out his music here on Spotify:

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