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J&S | Wild Love

I've known J for a long, long time. She got special treatment, yes, but it's weddings like this one that have taught me to treat every client as a friend I know and love dearly. I think that's why I connect the way I do: I want this for every wedding I photograph, ever album I create. You'll see what I mean at our introductory consultation(yaaaas).

It wasn't an extravagant wedding, no grand ballroom, but ocean itself provided the most beautiful setting, with a white sand beach that stretched on and on. It's the right setting, the people you invite, and the intention you devote that makes a wedding spectacular. And this was a spectacular wedding. That what this wedding had: a lot of love and intention. The event took place on Saint Pete Beach, at the Lion's Club.

I think, secretly, every beachside bride wants to do exactly what J did after the ceremony: march straight into the water at sunset, dragging her new husband into the waves. I LOVED THIS. S, I'm so sorry you didn't have a change of pants, but I commend your devotion to this wild woman and your willingness to follow her heart through through surf and into the ocean. The whole scenario made for brilliant photos, and characterized your relationship in a way that I truly appreciate.

I was laughing and crying as I edited these, feeling my way through the edits. I love you two so much! You're just perfect for eachother. I love your crazy kids too!

About this package:

This was a precursor to some of my contemporary wedding packages. It had a little of everything wanted to do, and am doing now. We managed to squeeze in some fine art photography, I created a video, and I did it as a one man team. Today, my albums are even larger, and I never shoot a wedding on my own, especially with a video package. This wedding is near and dear to my heart, and I mean it when I say that it's weddings like this that have made me the wedding photographer I am today. I want this and better for every one of my clients.

If you're thinking about hiring Grey Fox for your wedding, this is what you get: absolutely massive albums with tons of magic throughout. They're your memories, your experiences, and as your photographer I want to share as many I can with you, in stunning color and emotion.

Grey Fox | Bridal Photography Studio is a Bobby Foxx Photography brand located in Gainesville, Florida. We photograph love all across the state offering wedding photography, elopement photography, and engagement photography in places like Saint Augustine, Key West, and Saint Petersburg but we're open to traveling even further. We are wedding photographers who believe in human connection and the craft of photography as a platform for emotional transportation. We're an inclusive, LGBTQ owned business- whoever you are, we're going to love your love and we can't wait to meet you.

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