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K&J | A Front Yard Wedding

Let's be real, Covid's got us all pretty messed up. I feel like we're nearing the end of it, but it seems like it's been that way for months. I pride myself on how flexible I've been with rescheduling, and there were a ton of reschedules.... somehow I managed to stay afloat and not charge any rescheduling fees at all. I know, I'm nuts.

So this was one of those couples who got the worst of Covid's rescheduling problems. You want to keep your loved ones safe, but you only get married once. You want them to be part of it, and for all your friends to be there. I FEEL that. Their wedding venue actually closed altogether. Long story short, this is really only half of the wedding. We have a separate event scheduled we're calling a 'vow renewal', but it's really the big party reception that these two deserve.

And they deserve it! I love these two goofballs. They're both actors, I should mention. . The original plan was to get married at Actor's Warehouse here in Gainesville(where I believe they met), and even though the venue shut down they had a little piece of Actor's Warehouse with them at the wedding: J made their arch with pieces from the last set.

'Yard' weddings have details like this. An intimate gathering in a front yard with an orange tree, the long legs of pine stretching up, the family dog. A small gift from the groom's grandmother to the bride. The groom's parent's dance moves. I'm talking about you two. This was a great wedding, and we're not even finished yet!