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N&E | A Botanical Engagement Session

I somehow manage to get the only the coolest clients. 100%. I love that these two live in the keys, research marine biology(loooove marine bio), and E operates a plant nursery(yaaaas rare philodenrons I liiiive).

We shot this session in the fall at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. It's a pretty big garden, but you can do it all in about an hour. We took our time exploring; discovering colors and shadows in the space. It was a really nice afternoon.

I haven't posted this wedding yet because it's just stunning and I'm saving it for my most recent post, but I cannot wait to share it!

N&E, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. You two are so perfect for one another, living a beautiful Floridian life under the sun and on the sea. I'm so glad I got to be a part of these moments and to capture them for you!

Another oldie but a goodie. I shot this on my crop back in 2018. My current camera body cost ten times as much as that thing, but boy did I know how use it. Seems like ages ago, but I only shot this wedding last year. As I'm looking through all these old albums I'm seeing the growth I experienced as an artist and photographer- something happened just before this engagement session, something clicked. Something clicked again just months before this wedding. Stay tuned for the blog post!

If you're thinking about hiring Grey Fox for your wedding, this is what you get: absolutely massive albums with tons of magic throughout. They're your memories, your experiences, and as your photographer I want to share as many I can with you, in stunning color and emotion.

Grey Fox | Bridal Photography Studio is a Bobby Foxx Photography brand located in Gainesville, Florida. We photograph love all across the state offering wedding photography, elopement photography, and engagement photography in places like Saint Augustine, Key West, and Saint Petersburg but we're open to traveling even further. We are wedding photographers who believe in human connection and the craft of photography as a platform for emotional transportation. We're an inclusive, LGBTQ owned business- whoever you are, we're going to love your love and we can't wait to meet you.

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