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Hi, San Antonio!

there's a new photographer in town

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Bobby Foxx

Interdisciplinary Photographer

That's me!  I'm a photographer from Florida with about ten years experience in photography, art, and creative direction.Right now, I'm focused solely on my work in photography, but I've coordinated arts markets, drag events, and fashion shows, and even had a fashion label specializing in up-cycled metalworks. Welcome to my website!

Fine Art Portraiture

This is a process I've been developing since 2018. The goal with these shoots is to produce one image rather than a rummage album, but usually many assets are produced as a by product. My original inspiration for this process was neoclassical artwork, but it's become something new and unique over time. View this work here.

Product Still-life and Content Creation for Businesses

These are images for advertising, selling, or communicating the functionality of products.  This area of photography includes branding, marketing, graphic design- so its scope goes far beyond photography. Basically, I create images that help businesses and non-profits thrive. Check out my website for more.

Weddings and Elopements

I have an entire brand dedicated to love. Visit to see this work.

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"My goal is connect with the San Antonio community in order to understand where my work is needed. "

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