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These two required very little direction; they're natural models, both. They spent a year apart, living in different countries, and within a week of reuniting we shot their engagement session. That intensity and release of longing comes through in their photos, in both the engagement session and the wedding album.

And it rained on the wedding day. We knew for several days that this could happen. The couple rented a tent, and warned guests to bring umbrellas. It seems like a nightmare situation: rain on a wedding day; everything will be ruined! No one will come! But in the end it turned out to be quite beautiful and provided a unique element. Guests huddled together on the wraparound porch with their drinks, talking to one another. We did the first look not far from the porch, the couple both had umbrellas, and it was just drizzling lightly then. The sky opened and the rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony. It poured during the reception, so that tent really was a good idea. But everyone had a wonderful time, and the rain happened. There's no hiding that in the wedding album. You just embrace it, acknowledge it, and you make it work. And it really did work.

Engagement Session|The Thomas Center, La Chua Sink

Wedding|A Cute lil AirBnB in Archer