M&C, Vero Beach

Not a lot of photographers share this many images from a wedding album. The truth is, a lot are good, some are great, and some... we don't even edit. I send what I call a 'rummage album', which is pretty much everything I like, love, or think you'll like or love. I send big albums because these are your memories, and I want you to have as much as I can save.

Sometimes it doesn't matter if you miss focus, and other times it does. There's a story there though; a moment in action played out between several frames, and the viewer(you) just won't experience that by looking at that one, best image. You have to see them in sequence. That's why I'm doing this! I want you to experience what some of my full albums look like.

I can't tell you how magical and how much fun this wedding was, you simply had to be there.

The miracle, the truly astounding aspect is that Micha threw this thing together in like a month(Colin helped, a lot). Airplanes, lasers, a massive guest list, and a ceremony on a landing strip that also happened to be under renovation dangerously close to the wedding date... and it was perfect. Every piece fell into place beautifully.

We shot the first look on Ladybug Lane: a lime rock road sheltered by bearded live oak trees. It's a private road, not really meant for this kind of thing, but everyone seems to know each-other down there, and you can away with all sort of things if it's your wedding day. Vero beach is a beautiful place; it's lush with leafy textures and thick philodendron vines on almost every tree, and you're never more than a five minute walk from the water. It was a hometown wedding with a destination wedding vibe. So very cool.

I got there a couple days early and stayed a couple days late... Old friends, new friends, good times, beautiful places, lotsa pictures.

Pre-party|Bouquet assembly and Taco Consumption: A Photographic Warm-up Excercise

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The Main Event: A Fantastic Aeronautical To-Do

There's a lot here, and even more in the album I delivered. They're a bit mixed up because of the way I uploaded them, but you can still see what a great event it was, and maybe get some ideas. Check out the paper airplane confetti alternative! They double as wedding programs!