Wedding Packages and Pricing

4 Packages from $1800 to $6400

Currently, Bobby Foxx Photography offers 4 premium packages for weddings, as well as custom packages for brides who know exactly what they’re looking for. You can choose a package that works for you, or together we can build a package that suits your needs.

I ask a 50% deposit upon booking and the remaining balance is due on the day of the wedding. This helps to split the cost of the package into two payments. Other payment systems can be arranged if the client prefers.

Contact me at 352.222.8670 to build a custom package that fulfills your needs and works within your budget.

The Azalea Package



This package is for the couple that really wants a photographer on site for the full day. I’ll be there from start to finish, capturing every moment as they happen.  You get considerably more photos, a full day of on-site photography, and I spend a bit more time when it comes time for post production as well.

This package includes:

200 photos


Face to face consultation or Skype Consultation we're unable to meet in person

Getting ready,

First Look



3hr Reception


Side Shoot (30-60mins),


Panoramas, additional touchups on images selected by the photographer


Up to 2 locations


Six weeks editing time

Call or text 352.222.8670 to inquire

Ask about print release!

The Hibiscus Package



Certainly enough for most, this package is recommended for larger weddings with 120 guests or more and includes a second photographer who will set up a photo booth during the reception for your guests to enjoy. This package gets special attention in editing, so let me know if you'd like a red spot removed, your teeth whitened or a few extra clouds added to the sky. Photoshop is magic! You'd be amazed at what can be done! 

This package includes:

400 photos 

Free Consultation


Pre-wedding lighting check on-location


Getting ready

First Look




Side Shoot


A 2nd photographer to help Bobby Foxx capture every angle during the ceremony

"Teaser" Album no later than one week after the wedding

10 Epic Fine-tune Shots

(these may be long exposure, light-painting, or levitation shots. Whichever you prefer)


An online album you and your guests can access here on


Up to 3 locations

(Ceremony, Reception, and Side-Shoot)


Six weeks editing time, but after one week you'll receive a special teaser album, so you and your guests get a sneak peek long before the main album is finished! 

Call or text 352.222.8670 for inquiries

Ask about print release!

The Orange Blossum Package


With this package service starts long before the wedding. We'll do an engagement shoot long before the wedding and I'll even print up custom designed wedding invitations using your favorite images from the shoot. We’ll have an extended planning session to go over your shot list and before the wedding, and I’ll set aside some time to check the lighting on location. You’ll also receive expedited editing, receiving your photos within three weeks, and 700 of them to boot. After you’ve chosen your favorites they’ll be added to a gorgeous hardback album with real, paper pages you can physically hold in your hands. We’ll also work together to create up to 10 highly technical shots which could include levitation, light painting, or any number of special effects. The sky is the limit with this package!


Print release is temporarily included in this package

($350 value)


700 photos


A consultation to better understand your needs


Pre-wedding lighting check at the wedding venue

Engagement shoot, 20 images


Printed Invitations using an image/images from your engagement shoot (up to 500)


Rehearsal Dinner


Getting ready shots


First Look






Side Shoot


A 2nd and 3rd photographer. We'll have three photographers at the event capturing ever moment for the duration of the wedding.





Teaser Album


10 Epic Fine-tune Shots


Up to three locations


Call or text 352.222.8670 to book your consultation today!

Photography&Videography Packages

The Magnolia Package

This package is currently 20% off

Usually $6400

Temporarily $5120

For clients who book and pay their deposit before August 1st, 2020 

Print release is temporarily included in this package

($500 value) 

This is my first Photo+Video Package. It's available at a major discount for the first three couples who book.

As your lead photographer, I handle videography and focus on very specific moments and high end retouch shots.

Accompanying me will be two of very best second shooters to create what I call your 'rummage' album.  They'll be there capture all the little moments as they come, and I'll be there to create an amazing video and create a small album of high end retouch images worthy of the cover of a magazine.


The Magnolia Package's Amenities:

1000 photos

This includes what I call your 'rummage album', where you'll always discover something new as you browse. 

You'll also receive an album called 'Bobby's Faves' which will feature high end editorial style images from specific settings we compose throughout the day.  Just to get an idea, I charge $450 per image for these outside of this package, and you'll receive 4-10 of these stunning images, as well as my own collection of moments to add to your rummage album.

A 3.5 to 6.5 minute video including moments from throughout the day

This is a new feature, and the reason for the major but temporary discount on this package.

Engagement shoot with unlimited photos



Let's have a coffee or a locally crafted beer and talk about all our plans


Pre-Wedding lighting check and planning date 

Closer to the day of the wedding we'll check in, talk about our timeline, and make plans.

The lighting check might be during the rehearsal dinner, when I can meet some of your family and friends,

but let's set aside a time when we can go over everything in detail. I want my team to capture every moment, and planning is crucial to that.


Rehearsal Dinner

A great time to get to know your family and guests and get everyone used to the camera.


Getting ready

First Look



Side Shoot


<We are here from start to finished for this package>

A team of 3 photographers for the duration of the event

Photo booth

Your guests will love this photo booth experience. We'll include some of these in your teaser album for your guests to enjoy. 


Teaser Album

Less than a week after the event I'll send out a teaser album with key moments from the event so your guests have something to talk about!

6 Week Editing Time

But that's the max; you may receive your photos and video in as little as 14 days.

Prints & Tangibles

Good enough for most:

Social Media Optimized files are included in every package. These images are smaller files which display beautifully on social media with minimal compression. For small prints, these will do just fine, but if you want large prints, or truly outstanding quality, you may be interested in the following options:

Your personalized online album/print store

Prints are available for purchase through You can find canvas prints, small and large prints on matte and gloss, mugs, bags, phone cases, and much more in your personalized album hosted here on

Purchase print release

For the highest quality and best value, choose your own print shop

Prints release for single images is available for $1 per single image, or $0.50/per image for full albums.

This includes these formats:

Social media optimized jpg- perfect size for social media

Full size screen- Great for desktop or phone backgrounds

Print ready Matte

Print ready Gloss

Additional formats as needed

I almost always send extras, so...

Clients who purchase print release prior to receiving their finished album will pay a flat rate according to the number of photos included in their package. If you think you'd like to use your own print company, it's a really good idea to order print release. Best of all, print release can be included in your package, effectively splitting the cost between deposit and final payments. 

Those who purchase print release for full albums after final payment will need to pay for extras as well. And occasionally I send hundreds of extras. Ask about having print release included in your package!