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Make a product photo setup with trash from around the house!

Product photography is expensive, and it should be! It's a lot of work! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford stellar product shots from a pro, but still, lots of people are creating really cool things that need stellar photos for online representation.

In this video tutorial I explain how to shoot product photos with a very basic setup using stuff you probably already have around your house, and if you don't, you can probably find these things by the curb or in your neighbor's trash can. Seriously, these materials are REALLY easy to come by.

DIY product photos like this are no replacement for the real thing, but they just might help you get your business started off on the right foot!

Stuff you'll need:

-A cardboard box

-A box cutter

-Some tape

-A large sheet of thick paper

-Wax paper or thin tissue paper(the kind you might wrap a gift with)

-Some lamps(automotive bucket lamps are perfect and cheap. You might have some in the garage

-A fancy smart phone

-Download Lightroom Mobile(it's free people)

Email me at if you have any questions or if you wanna hire a pro!

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