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Grammy's Gotta' Be Part of This

This was one of those odd jobs I just couldn't pass up- the story was too cute, too relatable: two south florida gay boys throwing a small wedding JUST for their grammy because getting her down to Miami for the real thing might be a bit too hectic at her age. It wasn't really a wedding package, it wasn't really a family formals session, it was just potential magic and I had to be part of it.

As you may know, when you become a Grandmother you're faced with a hard decision, a lasting, life altering decision. I've met Mee-ma's and Grammas- there are tons of Grandmother names out there, but this was a Grammy. I had a Grammy too, so I had to meet this one, and she was a TREASURE. I fully understand why these two chose to throw this very intimate event. I'd want the same.

So sure, it was an informal wedding, a celebration of love, but who was the real star of the show? Grammy. Hands down.

To C&J: Thank you so much for choosing BBFXX|Photo and GreyFox to photograph this event, and for allowing me to be part of your life on a very special day. You have such a wonderful, loving family, and creating this album for you was a pleasure. C: Your floral arrangements were stunning, and you have a kind heart that shines through in these images- it can even be felt through your correspondence. J: I love your sense of style and admire your sharp wits. You two are a fantastic pair! Already doing doing amazing things together. I wish you two the very best, and I hope we can reconnect one day in Miami

K: You're a fantastic host! I adore you! And what a great bunch you've got.

About this album: As part of a new policy dedicated to transparency, the albums you find on these blog posts are full albums. You'll notice that they're huge! Not every image we keep is ten star winner, but it's your memory, so we think you should have it forever. In photography, the magic builds up slowly, sometimes faster or slower depending on the photographer and the client. In the days of film photography, a photographer might not even put film in their camera for the first 45 mins of a shoot! But with digital, we don't worry about wasting film, and who knows, maybe those first images might carry some significance for the viewer. That's why we send these massive albums with any kind of event photography, where every moment matters.