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R&C | A Deep Dark Promise

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something dark and ancient, probably haunted. Ya know, it's a celtic/gothic wedding! Let's do this!

R&C chose so many unique details for this wedding. A black dress, a sword, a binding. It was witchy, gothic, celtic... it was everything.

The wedding took place under the shadow of and ancient live oak tree bearded by ferns and moss, a silver sword and a plastic broom laid at their feet as they said thier vows, their arms were bound together, and the message was contemporary, unique, and freeing from all that old societal pressure. It was really sweet.

Getting ready took place at the bride's family home. I should have learned long before that girl's getting ready is actually pretty messy. We want the space look styled and unused, but the truth is, a woman getting ready is a magic transformation, and that transformation requires sacrifice in the form of explosive messes. I know this from my experience in drag, but before I shot this wedding I was of the mindset to embrace the chaos and let it come through in the images, but for this wedding we took a good portion of getting ready outside to the porch, and I like how that turned out. You'll see more put together getting ready segments in my portfolio after this wedding as I carried that idea forward in my work.

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a a 68 acre facility featuring waterfalls and ponds, a thick bamboo forest with dark greens and speckled light, a succulents garden, and a visitor's center that hosts weddings. As a venue and a place to take photos, it's unmatched if you're looking for lush foliage and lots of different scenes. Each section of the garden provides a different look, and we took advantage of as many of these areas as we could.

Can we talk about kids at weddings? Sure, weddings have kids, and they're AWESOME. I love the things they do, the facial expressions they come up with during the formals session. Kids add life to an album, But the couple's kids?! According to 'tradition', kids come after, you know? But with every wedding I've shot where the couple's kids got to be there- they get to be part of it! Point being, get married when you're ready(it's never too late), have kids when you want to. Do things your way. Liiiiive.

R&C, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. This is the most unique wedding I've shot yet, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. Your ceremony and vows were to epic and heartfelt and so YOU TWO.