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B&K | Fields of Flowers

Our tiny corner of Florida is full of secrets, with each season offering a new adventure, new colors. The discoveries are endless. I have my go-to locations- the Thomas Center is central to a lot of things, easily accessible- it's a great place to start a shoot, but for my shooting style we usually travel on to more planned locations and anyplace else we discover along the way.

B wanted photos in the sunflowers(YAAAAS), which seems pretty easy, but it turns out Sunflowers are somewhat unpredictable. We scheduled this shoot for something like three separate dates, frequently checking with Roger's Farm to see if they were in bloom, and finally they were!

So we started at the Thomas Center and made our way to Roger's Farm but found that we had some extra time before the light was just right. You may not have heard of it, but there is a park not three minutes from Roger's Farm which hosts the most epic live oak tree. Massive branches that reach up and then back down into the earth, a massive trunk, it's really something to look at. I'm so tempted to retouch one of these images- they're just so unique, I had to take these two to this place to show them this tree.

B&K, thank you for a marvelous adventure. We really did it all and then some!